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Our Story

When the PennTerra Golf Course came up for sale, a dream of one family blossomed into a divine opportunity. Kim and her husband purchased the golf course for the tillable acres, but the fulfillment of her dream to be a business owner was now within reach. The property had seen better days, but they knew there was a treasure underneath the years of wear and neglect. Through hundreds of hours of hard work, the vision began to come to life and reveal the beauty and serenity hiding beneath the dust and debris. With lots of grit and grace, they persevered to transform the golf course into an idyllic setting for couples to experience one of the most important moments of their lives. Gatherings on the Green was born. 

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Kim Osswald

Kim spent the first several years of her life moving with her family as she followed her father’s career in the Air Force. They settled in a little town in southern Indiana. A few decades later, she met her dream man who was a farmer from Ohio. After getting married and finishing a bachelors’ degree in chemistry, they moved to western Ohio to set down roots close to his family farm, starting a farm and a family of their own. Kim retired from the chemistry field in 2012 to devote more time for their children, but always kept an eye open for an opportunity to start a business of her own.  When the PennTerra Golf Course came up for sale, she knew it would be a perfect location for a wedding venue. She and her husband purchased the golf course, converted the tillable acres back to farm land, and saved the clubhouse and beautiful area around the pond for the venue.   Kim and Adam own and operate Gatherings on the Green.  

Special thank you to God and all of our friends and family who helped turn this dream into reality.

"Most people pick a venue for the beauty, location, and price. Well we did too, but most importantly we fell in love with the kindness and authenticity of the two owners. Lee and Kim are such beautiful souls, and it is obvious they put their heart and souls in to this venue."

~ Jennie

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